TechFest 2014

MicroK12's annual education conference hosted at the Tulalip Resort in Tulalip, WA.

We feature dozens of manufacturer's technology solutions and also provide education on some of the newest education trends to date. Come see hundreds of new technology solutions.

Breakout sessions and product training are also available during this event. We bring in some of the biggest names in the Pacific northwest to help you get your school year off on the right track.

TechFest 2014 was a great success!

Almost 300 school district instructors and decision makers attended TechFest 2014.

Keynote: A New Learning Landscape with Jeff Utecht

It’s not just our schools that are changing, it’s society as a whole. A new learning landscape is emerging. A landscape of global education. What does this mean for our schools, our students, our communities? This presentation looks towards the future and what awaits today’s students. Presentation Resources

Moving From Sorting to Searching with Jeff Utecht

There was a time not too long ago when we taught students how to sort and organize their files. We taught them how to create folders inside of folders and basically do what we do in the physical world and apply it to our digital life. Then came the Internet and its endless websites. We tried to organize them but that quickly became a losing battle. So we turned to something different….we stopped trying to organize the web and we started searching it. Search is the skill of our era, a life skill that once mastered opens up all sorts of opportunities. Do we teach search in our classrooms and schools? This session will focus on the skills and strategies of search. Participants will walk away with K-12 lesson plans, ideas and classroom routines they can start using tomorrow in their classrooms to teach students the skill needed most in today’s connected world. The skill of search.

Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL)™ Overview with Brooke Trisler - Director - Instructional Technology, Library Services, and Online Learning Renton SD

For K-12 education technology leaders, earning the CETL certification will demonstrate to your staff, superintendent, and other stakeholders that you have mastered the knowledge and skills needed to define the vision for and successfully build 21st century learning environments in your school district. Presentation Resources

Instruction and Technology Leading Together: The Tools are Here, the Standards are Here, the Future is Now. with Seymour Hanfling, Chief Technology Officer, Renton School District

This session presents the new realities of IT in a K-12 school district. There is a unique confluence of changes occurring now in education that is causing a need to rethink the role of technology in teaching and learning. Providing students with the technology and tools to meet new standards, access digital curricula and resources, and engage in collaborative and online learning while meeting federal and state guidelines has a wide range of implications for IT in terms of planning, staffing, policy, support, and other details. Learn how some Northwest districts are meeting these issues, and come ready to share your own successes and challenges. Presentation Resources

Chromebooks: Stories from the Field with Kris Hagel, Sandy Maynard, Phil Biggs, and Marc Elliot

Come learn about the success stories of successful Chromebook deployments from a panel of local district technology staff. This session includes best practices, question and answer, and other helpful tips to assist you in your own deployments.

Standardized Curriculum in Your District Cloud with McKay Walker, Project Manager of Standards Planner

Are you transitioning your schools to online resources, adopting new standards and assessments, or need to receive reporting on teachers progress? Learn how our new education app is allowing curriculum staff to pace, analyze, create, and moderate the teaching and learning phase of their district and schools.

Filling in the GApps: Northshore’s Implementation of Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard with Sarah Lawrence, Josh Emond, and Peter Connors Northshore School District, Instructional Technology Coordinators

Learning in the 21st century requires the ability to easily collaborate with agility -- as well as access to content and document creation tools with real-time editing, powerful sharing controls, and seamless compatibility. Northshore has ventured into the world of Google Apps combined with Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard tool. In this session we will share the Northshore story, from planning to implementation. We’ll also share key discoveries from our first year of implementation, benefits realized in the classroom, and our plans for expanding the use of these tools. Presentation Resources

Effectively managing learning and assessments in a digital classroom with Bob Chung of AssistX, Kimberly Mecham & Doug Manning, Saint Thomas School

With technology moving at breakneck speed, the gap widens between schools that are able to harness the newest technology in class and those that don't. Why not take advantage of the rise in 1:1 device implementation in schools and use these tools to enhance your curriculum? Learn how a local school has empowered its teachers to simply and effectively manage their digital learning environments. Join us to find out more about the technical challenges surrounding high stakes and formative online assessments and the technology that is available to simplify your online testing experience.

You Seem Remote Lately: Deploying and Managing Mobile Devices the Bigger Picture with John Wu, Absolute Software

Every student having a computing device has been an elusive goal for the past two decades. For the first time that goal is readily attainable. However, the presence of so many devices, many of which may be of different ages or capabilities, presents new and formidable challenges to the teacher and to the IT support staff. The tools for centrally managing and supporting mobile devices are still developing. Nevertheless, there are key tools in a successful deployment of mobile devices. Tools for central management of devices and the role of the classroom teacher in supporting technology will be discussed. Presentation Resources

Google Play for Education Mike Schwab - Regional Manager - Google for Education

Come learn about Google's new managed tablet offering! Google Play for Education allows your technology team to easily deploy and manage tablets and helps your teachers to find educator-approved apps, books, and videos to use with students. Google will be here to provide an overview to the program, show a live demo of Play for Education, and talk about how you can "Go Google" and empower teachers! Presentation Resources

Where's the Vision? Rethinking Social Media for K-12 with JB Fitzpatrick, PSD401

Presentation Resources

Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes! with Jill Stone, eRate - Mark Finstrom, Highline Schools

E-Rate Modernization – discussion on what the E-Rate Modernization tells us along with an overview of what will be eligible for E-Rate reimbursements in Fund Year 2015 and the impact this may have on schools and libraries. Presentation Resources

Bellevue SD selects MS platform for 1:1 program to improve student outcomes with Carl Sweetland, IT Director of Bellevue SD

Our students have been raised in a world of technology, for them, computers are ubiquitous. When they come to school, their connectiveness and automation is left at the door. The goals of Bellevue’s secondary One-to-One program is to accomplish the following: Provide deeper student engagement and create “Future Ready” learners able do deep inquiry and problem-based learning. Individual laptops will also allow for differentiated instruction, continuous assessment and allow for anywhere anytime access for both students and parents.

During this session Bellevue SD will discuss why they selected the Microsoft platform to help support their student goals. They will highlight how digital inking will help improve student outcomes. This session will showcase classroom lessons—teachers and students have identified a breathtaking range of activities and efficiencies when they use devices equipped with a stylus and OneNote, and Office 365 as the collaboration platform.