TechFest 2012

MicroK12's 2nd annual Tech Fest was held October 18, 2012 at the picturesque location of Tulalip Resort & Casino . We had over 35 manufacturers and over 200 registrants as well as a full day of break-out sessions. After the Tech Fest attendees could enjoy the the shopping selection at Seattle Premium Outlets next door and the brand new Cabela's.

2012 Tech Fest was a one day, 100% FREE event. We had many presentations including keynote speakers from Vail School District, a district that went from last in their state to first and how they accomplished that through the use of technology and methodology. This proven method has allowed them to sustain that first position in the state for the last 3 years.

In addition to those speakers, several influential WA State Administrators also hosted informative break-out sessions throughout the day. Many technology manufacturers were present to demonstrate their innovative products focused on education as well.

Thanks to gracious manufacturer donations, we were able to give away over $7,500 in door prizes.

Thank you to all those that attended, and a special thanks to the speakers and manufacturers that helped make this our best event yet.

PresenterPresentation TitleDescription
Calvin Baker & Kevin Carney, Vail School District"Creating Change Requires Leadership, Teamwork and a Vision"Arizona's Vail Unified School District has moved form a poorly performing school district to become the number one ranked district in the state of Arizona. In this keynote, Calvin discusses the Reinvention and Culture change that happened within Vail SD. Kevin then introduces the Beyond Textbooks model as a "framework" for 21st century instructional change.

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Kevin Carney, Vail School District"7 C's to Implementing at the Campus Level"Creating a clear vision for school leader must first develop a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished. In this seminar you will also learn how to work with key stakeholders to further shape the vision, communicate expectations, check for understanding, celebrate desired behavior, perform congruency checks, and how courage will help you to act when people do not want to get on board

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Hetav Sanghavi, CK12 Flexbooks"Interactive, Fully Customizable Open Education"This presentation will introduce participants to the high-quality, standards-aligned digital resources provided at no cost by CK-12 Foundation. The interactive demonstration will cover navigating, creating, and assembling content on the FlexBook Platform®. These digital materials can be customized by subject, language and level of difficulty, giving teachers and students the flexibility to interact with content tailored to their own needs

Karl Nelson, OER Program Manager "OSPI's OER Initiative" An overview by the key individuals heading up the current initiative movement to implement OER into the educational model in WA state.

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Peter McNaull"Top Security Threats in Education"Cyber-bullying is a growing social problem. IT can resolve and mitigate the risk of it happening at your school! There are steps you can take to prevent hostile messages, web posts, and images sent within the school's network. Keep children safe online by making safe web searching on your network a school policy rather than the student’s choice. Internet Safe Search is especially useful for schools and libraries in the US that must lock down Internet search results to comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

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