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The TechFest education conference is coming back to the Pacific Northwest this fall, October 26th, 2018. This event will showcase the latest technology being used throughout schools in the area. Attendees will be able to fully emerge themselves in the latest tools and learning how districts are currently using them.

Take part in this event as a district and meet with other Superintendents, Technology & Curriculum Directors, Principals, and many other industry professionals.

Keynote Speaker: Thomas A. Furness III, Grandfather of Virtual Reality

Thomas A. Furness III profile

Thomas A. Furness III, an American Inventor, professor and virtual reality pioneer based out of Seattle, Washington will be our keynote speaker this year! He is now the founder of the family of Human Interface Technology Laboratories at University of Washington and the Virtual World Society.

Furness has been highly recognized for receiving the first-ever lifetime achievement award for 50 years of service within the field of virtual reality and augmented reality from the Augment World Expo in Santa Clara, California in 2015.Thomas Furness Airforce

Furness built the first helmet mounted displays used by the United States Air Force pilots at the beginning of his career path. Ever since then he has been advancing his skillset to stay up-to-date with all the advancements virtual reality has to offer.

Being present for Furness’s keynote presentation will allow you to hear from the Grandfather himself, an individual who has carved a path for the future in science and education technology.

Featured Session: Mandy Manning, 2018 National Teacher of the Year

Thomas A. Furness III profile

Mandy has taught for the past 18 years, six of which have been in her current role. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Washington University, a Masters of Arts from West Texas A & M University, and a Masters of Fine Arts from Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. Mandy is a National Board Certified Teacher. In her classroom, Mandy uses experiential projects like map-making to help her students process trauma, celebrate their home countries and culture, and learn about their new community.

“All of us together make this world interesting and good. We must teach our students to overcome their fears and seek out new experiences. The only way to teach fearlessness is to show it. We must show kindness by getting to know our students, learning about them, and showing them how to connect,” she says.

In this session you will learn how districts can participate in her ongoing effort to encourage educators to teach their students to overcome their fears and seek out new experiences.

TechFest will introduce workshops, where educators will be learning about new technology and ways to incorporate them into the classroom, and companies will have booths set up throughout the entirety of the event to answer questions and get you excited about advancing students through technology.

Virtual Reality will be apart of our Keynote Address, presented by Thomas A. Furness III a professor at the University of Washington (learn more below). This session will provide insight on how VR and AR are helping students learn at a faster rate.

Having the opportunity to engage with technology through a lens is out of this world! We will have a few VR stations setup throughout the venue so you can get your hands on the latest devices.

TechFest may not last all day, but that doesn't mean you have to leave right away.
Even the Resort is on board with new tech! Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the luxurious hotel rooms including LED reading lamps, and no-fog mirrors. There is also an award-winning restaurant options, upscale spa, and premier casino right alongside the hotel.

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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Vendor Expo

Each year we bring the top education technology manufacturers in the world and have them demo their products to our attendees. This is your chance to see the latest solutions and tools to see if they will work in your districts.

The top representatives from each vendor will be able to quickly walk you through their product line, with snacks and drinks offered on the sides of the venue!

MicroK12's TechFest 2018 Vendor Booth Map