Lightspeed Technologies Topcat Ceiling mounted all-in-one Access amplifier/speaker, (1) Flexmike microphone, rechargeable ba

Quick Overview

All-in-one ceiling-mount classroom audio system with integrated hybrid speaker system.

Contract ID: ESD112-DE-16A

Easy-to-Install Audio for Voice and Media

Teachers love Topcat because it delivers both multimedia audio and their instruction to every corner of the room without shouting at the top of their lungs. The IT team likes the easy, wireless ceiling installation and lack of interference with all the other technology in the building.


Teachers speak into the microphone, Topcat delivers crystal clear audio to the whole room.


Connect all multimedia audio into the Activate Station or the Media Connector to send all audio up to the Topcat wirelessly.


Add Pods to activate collaborative learning, allowing teachers to interact with small groups.



Manufacturer Lightspeed Technologies
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Contract ID ESD112-DE-16A