Lightspeed Technologies Redcat Access amplifier/receiver, power supply, 1 Flexmike, battery pack, charging adaptor and charg

Quick Overview

All-in-one classroom audio system with a flat-panel speaker design and wireless teacher microphone to deliver highly intelligible speech everywhere in the room.

Contract ID: ESD112-DE-16A

A Simple Way to Bring Clear Audio to any Class

Redcat Access is a simple-to-use solution right out of the box. Its exceptional audio clarity fills the room with the teacher’s natural voice, enabling all students to hear every word. With Access Technology there is no interference with other classroom technologies and the scalability to meet evolving instructional needs.

Full Access to Listening has Never Been Simpler

Redcat’s self-contained design means there is no need for installation.

It’s ready out of the box to deliver high speech intelligibility throughout the classroom.

No installation saves cost and staff time

Plug it in and begin speaking. No need for costly installation. Redcat's simplicity maximizes your investment in technology.

Flat panel speaker excelts in speech intelligency 

Exciter technology fills the room with the teacher’s natural voice and enables students to hear every word no matter where they sit in the classroom.

No interference, no dropout, no headaches

Redcat Access works within any classroom configuration and at long distance. And it operates on a bandwidth that eliminates interference with other classroom technology.

Manufacturer Lightspeed Technologies
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Contract ID ESD112-DE-16A