Clevertouch Pro Series High Precision 55"

Quick Overview

Pro series is now the most advanced dimmable protective glass in the industry, enabling users to have a smoother and more realistic writing experience.

Because the glass is really smooth, dirt, skin remains and bacteria are difficult to grasp and accumulate on the new Super Glide surface. Thus, the Pro Series display also has much less traces of fingers and thus bacteria, making it a more hygienic option in classroom environments. 



A significant development is the Pro-Series high-precision detection technology. The touch screen now recognizes contact so accurately and lightly that you can use it while writing a toothpick. So, instead of using a typical, somewhat clumsy array, you can use a stylus that resembles a ballpoint pen, including its precision. 

In the Pro Series, you can change the color of the markings depending on the touch type but unlike other touchscreens, the color change is programmed to the display and not to the pen. The display recognizes whether a touch of a thick pen, fine dot, finger or gesture is displayed in a different color. 

All new displays have a Clevertouch Dual Pen with different thickness at each end, making it easy for the user to take advantage of this new technology. The new Dual Pen also has its own, specially designed magnetic stand located on the front of the screen - a reform that was implemented specifically at the request of teachers. 


The new Pro Series features a dual application function, allowing the display to use two applications side by side and can be used simultaneously. For example, a teacher can now open a browser that displays YouTube video on the other side of the screen and uses a whiteboard to make notes elsewhere on the screen. 


For added security, it is now possible for all Pro Series users to have their own NFC tag. By holding this tag at the bottom of the screen near the built-in NFC reader, a personal User Profile opens to easily access downloaded applications, files, screen settings, and cloud services. This means that different teachers using the same screen can easily and securely use their own profile and thus their own files.


The user interface has been upgraded to LUX 7.1, utilizing the latest performance enhancements for Android Nougat 7.1. It is one of the most advanced integrated Android operating systems available for large displays and has the fastest Intel Rockchip standard that allows lightning-fast reaction times, dexterity and very fast applications and functions. 


Teachers have wanted them to be able to access documents and save files directly to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive Plus - and now they can; a good example of customer-centric Clevertouch development. 


Clevershare 2 is a screen mirroring software that connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Mac®, Windows® or tablet Clearedouch touchscreen. It is the only collaboration software on the market that enables bidirectional touch and screen sharing between so many different operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Android and Chrome. Clevershare 2 also has a so-called " Master mode for a teacher or other performer so that he or she can decide which image is displayed wirelessly. Allows up to four concurrent images to be displayed and up to 32 devices can be simultaneously connected. 


Allows the Clevertouch display to be used as an information display when the display is not used as an interactive tool. The Clevertouch screen can easily send alerts, alerts or any digital signage messages, for example from a teacher's own computer. 

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