Califone PA419M

Quick Overview

Portable Bluetooth PA with Wireless Transmitter & Headset Mic
Contract ID: ESD112-DE-16A
Product Information Ideal for multiple presenters, the PA419-02 has two wireless mic receivers and can even support a third presenter (with a wired mic) at the same time. The PA419-02 is the first PA made for use in schools and churches to feature Bluetooth & NFC (Near Field Communication) for quick and easy wireless audio streaming from a Bluetooth-enabled device. In addition to straight voice amplification out to groups up to 300 people (or in rooms up to 2,000 square feet), a computer (to the line input) or a projector (from the line out) can be quickly connected for multimedia presentations. With the voice priority of the PA419-02, making announcements through a connected microphone automatically mutes any music that’s being played. Three seconds after the speaking stops, the music will return to its previous level. The PA419-02 runs on AC power or its rechargeable lithium battery (20% lighter than lead-acid batteries), and plays for at least 2.5 hours on a single charge. The speaker comes with a choice of two or one handheld wireless mics, a hands-free beltpack transmitter with headset mic, or speaker only. Care-free portability with a built-in handle NFC connection area Digital display with USB/SD card slot for added connectability Control panel with Music/Speech button, mic/aux/MP3/master volume controls, aux inputs & audio line out, video outs, voice priority switch Combo XLR / 1/4” mic input RCA and single 3.5mm inputs for connecting smartphones & tablets Wireless Mic Receiver #1, channel selector, volume, audio & RF indicators Wireless Mic Receiver #2, channel selector, volume, audio & RF indicators Standard 1 3/8” pole mount (underneath) for optimal elevated placement Lithium battery is +20% lighter and holds a longer charge Remote control includes pitch adjustment for digital audio +/- 20% (in 3% increments), which is ideal for dance/music teachers Runs on AC/DC power for indoor / outdoor flexibility, and even recharges when the PA419-02 is plugged in
Manufacturer Califone
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Contract ID ESD112-DE-16A